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Xavier is an outdoors person. I mean come on, he is Canadian. He had been telling me how home sick he’d been lately; missing nature, mountains and the fresh air of Quebec, so I decided to surprise him with a camping trip to upstate New York. Now I am not one to be out in the wilderness camping… black people really don’t like being in the forest, for obvious reasons, but I decided to put that aside and step outside of my comfort zone and do this for him. I did a little research and got a recommendation from a friend about a company named Tentrr . It’s like airbnb for camping. The tent is already pitched and includes everything you need for a camping experience. I like to call it “Glamping”.


It was great! What I did not like was that the “toilet” was outside and there was  no shower… Two nights with NO SHOWER. We washed our body with baby wipes daily. As for the “toilet”, it really was a bucket with a toilet seat cover with a bag in it that you had to replace every time you went. The bucket sat out in the open. There were bugs all over the bucket. Yeah, it was pretty nasssttyy. We did not use that thing. We were just one with nature and squatted where ever we were when it was necessary. I’m sure it was good for the vegetation lol. The surrounding area was really nice. We went to a brewery, went hiking, got caught in a crazy rain storm while hiking, visited a farmers market, grilled corn on the fire-pit, sat by the fire-pit with our drinks talking about life and making plans for our future and we ate a really nice restaurant. It was an awesome weekend getaway where we were able to spend some quality time together with just the two of us… and the dogs. As I get older, I realize how important it is to have bonding time with my partner.

Happy relationships shouldn’t be hard work! As romantic relationships exit out of the honeymoon phase and into the realistic, “sitting around in your sweatpants and binge watching Netflix shows together” phase, you forget something. You forget to bond. Don’t get me wrong, watching TV together is my idea of a good time with my man, but it’s also important to truly bond and engage with your love. Sometimes, we get too caught up in the world and we forget who is right in front of us.

So if you’re feeling a little too connected to your cell phone, television, etc., and less connected to your mate, how about you plan some sort of bonding activity for the two of you.

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