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Last weekend, Max and I were working at Manhattanville coffee when we realized it was way too sunny outside to be working. The weather has been rather hectic, so we might as well go for a bike ride and enjoy the sunny afternoon.

We jumped on our bikes and set to go somewhere uptown, riding along the bike lanes toward the Bronx.

On our way up Saint-Nicholas avenue, we passed by the ruins of what used to house St. Nick’s pub that closed back in 2011. The crew of Motherless of Brooklyn were filming scenes at that location, which triggered a fire in the cellar, claiming a firefighter’s life earlier this week.


After a few stops we went toward Columbia University Baker Athletic complex, passing by Broadway and Dyckman. As soon as we left the Harlem area we could feel a drastic change. It felt like we were in a different country, the sun was out, the salsa was on and we were breezing through the busy streets.


What happened next would have been a great photo op. Once we crossed the bridge to Marble hill, we stopped to decide where we would go. As we were talking, I saw something splashing in front of me, followed by Max’s apprehensive and disgusted expression.

She has just been poopbarded by a pigeon.

Some say it means you’re in luck. I think we can agree it’s just down right disgusting. Especially in curly hair. And down your back and neck.

Thankfully my mom had made sure to pack some Wet Wipes in my backpack when she came last summer, so I could wipe off that … manure.

After that hilarious episode, we decided to bike to Hudson Hill. Not for any particular reason, but bike lanes were more or less available in that area and Google Map was indicating some sort of park next to the Hudson River. Great!

What we found over there was awesome. Unknowingly we wandered through small streets towards Palisade avenue (it’s worth going just to look at all the mansions), up to Wave Hill Public Gardens. We got there rather late, but thanks to Max’s vibrant character and visible excitement, the employee at the gate let us in to have a small peek at what lays behind the wall of vegetation.


Nothing else to add, we were both very happy to have found this spot randomly.


Palisade avenue

After the garden closed we started to make our way back to Harlem, crossing bridges and stopping at random spots for photo ops. The afternoon light was getting gorgeous, which we were very thankful for.


We even spotted a few good drinking spot (with views) for the summer

I’m glad we got to go on a random adventure in our “backyard”, and I sure hope we’ll do this again, because it was so much fun.

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