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So originally Xavier and I had planned to have a really nice low key wedding in June of 2018. We began planning shortly after the engagement; found a location, saxophone player, band and cake vendor.

Approximately a week prior to December 8th I could not sleep because the wedding planning was weighing heavy on my mind. It had suddenly come over me that I no longer wanted an actual wedding. I was not interested in taking on the stresses of wedding planning (again). And I did not want to conform to what society says a wedding should be. Furthermore, why take on the expense of a wedding when we are planning to start a family right away, grow I Bike Harlem and buy a property?  With all of these thoughts running through my head, I also had to take Xavier’s feelings into consideration since he has never had a wedding before.

I woke Xavier up at 7am expressing all of these thoughts and revelations to him. I must say, he was not so thrilled that I woke him out of his deep sleep, however he was on the same page as me about the wedding and our future plans. I was so happy! It was an immediate release of stress.

Since we no longer wanted a wedding, what were we waiting for to get married? Normally people wait because of months of planning. No need for us. So we just did it…December 8th was the date we decided to tie the knot; with only one week to pull everything together. No biggie because I am a natural planner once planning several events and weddings at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel and now planning meetings and events at the New York Stock Exchange. So this was a piece of cake.

We called our parents right away to inform them of the news. One week later we had our New York City Hall wedding. It was an intimate ceremony  with just us and our family as Xavier and I exchanged vows. We hired an amazing photographer who took the most amazing photos. Xavier and I were channelling Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big from Sex and the City. We can not wait to get the rest of the pics back.

After we tied the knot, we had dinner at Ocean Prime with family and the next day planned a Brunch at Ponty Bistro for our New York friends to celebrate our nuptials. We hired a saxophone player, Yaz Band, which really set the tone and made it very sexy. Brunch was delicious. For dessert, everyone had Jars by Dani. It really was the perfect wedding celebration. It even snowed outside which made it soooo beautiful!

I will certainly write another post on how to have a sexy and practical City Hall Wedding and plan events around it that are meaningful that might make you think twice before spending $30,000 or more on a wedding.

We ended all of our festivities with our words of love below…


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